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DrugTrain: We are what we do...

What we do at DrugTrain is easy to explain. We use creative techniques to deliver fantastic training courses that professionals then put into practice to make a real impact on reducing drug related harm.

There is no getting away from the fact that we are working in a sector that can be very challenging; all our trainers have worked on the frontline of service delivery and know how tough things can get.

It is the fact that life can be so hard that drives the DrugTrain team. We are about changing what people do by finding creative ways of delivering lively, dynamic, enjoyable courses that are relevant and, crucially, that work.

We build on the skills that people already have and give them tools to use and put into practice in their own unique work place. We know that our courses have a massive impact because people tell us, which is always great for team morale!

Over 99% of participants on our courses rate the trainers as competent or very competent; and say the courses meet their objectives.

To crack a nut you need nut crackers, to crack problematic drug use you need tools too - skills for working with drug and alcohol users, drugtrain's training will give you the key psychosocial interventions like motivational interviewing and harm reduction advice skills, assessment skills, skills for working with young people and adults, skills for working with stimluant users and opiate users, we can provide them all.