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How we design courses.

The feedback we get from the lovely people that come on our courses and those that buy our courses is absolutely key in helping us make them better and better.An image of mechanical parts being put back together

Social justice is at the core of everything we do at DrugTrain and we will question assumptions at every stage of course planning and delivery. But just because a subject is challenging doesn't mean we don't have fun taking it apart and putting it back together again.

Tell us to "get a life" (you won't be the first!) but we love reading research papers, text books, policy documents.... and we know that people on the frontline don't always have time to do this. It makes us happy to know we are saving your time, giving you more time to work with service users. We plough through all the evidence and texts and we link carefully to the National Occupational Standards (DANOS). Finally, we start work finding ways to make it interesting and memorable; to turn it into practical tips and tools you can use in the workplace.

We are a creative bunch and always on the lookout for new ways of getting the message across. Then, just when we think a course is about there, we start to test it all over again!

Our kids, partners, parents, friends and colleagues are all part of this process, so we have a great bunch of people that are willing to give us honest feedback. By the time we get to deliver a course we are pretty certain it is about as good as it can be, though we always look for feedback from you to make it better.

You can expect to discover a lot of new games when you come on one of our courses - just like children learn through play, so do adults.

As highly qualified trainers we of course use successful, established techniques like Accelerated Learning, Reflective Practice and Anchoring but we don't burden our course participants with this jargon, we just deliver exceptional training.