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We are great to work with!

Drugtrain works with many organisations - like health care agencies, Primary Care Trusts, Social Services and young people's services - to offer strategically planned courses that link related issues to makes sure all avenues are covered.

When a customer first contacts one of our team to ask about a training course we take the time to find out what training A solved rubiks cubethey really need. For example, an organisation recently asked us to run a course on Alcohol Awareness but when we worked with them to look at the issues they really needed to address the training was changed to focus on Dual Diagnosis. We work with our customers to puzzle out the best solution to meet their needs.

Another client asked us to run a training course for staff about how to work with parents and what transpired was the need to get everyone working properly as a team before they could have an impact outside the organisation.

So we encourage our customers not to book a course in isolation but to look at a strategy that can be rolled out to bring all the crucial issues together. That's not to say we are looking to make more money, we ask upfront what the training budget is and then work to deliver within it.

Training notes and supporting participants once the course is over are every bit as important to us as the content of what we teach. We do not write training notes to be left in the bottom drawer never to see the light of day; we produce practical, useable notes that bring the best bits of the course alive all over again. We put these on CD ROMs because we do want to give you lots of extra stuff to read if you are interested, but we don't want to be responsible for the destruction of a small forest to do it. People tell us they use the information more this way too. Happy learners + Happy planet = Happy Drugtrain.

Drugtrain is a wholly owned Social Enterprise of the registered charity Next Choice. Any profits of Drugtrain are used to further the aims and objectives of the parent charity.